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BMC Minerals (No.1) Ltd. (BMC Minerals) has proposed the development of the Kudz Ze Kayah (KZK) Project in southeast Yukon, within the Kaska First Nation traditional territory.
The proposed Project is an open pit mine with an underground extension, mining copper, lead, zinc, gold and silver, and is located approximately 115 kilometres southeast of Ross River.
We have completed studies for the KZK Project Proposal that demonstrates mining of this property will on balance be environmentally, socially and economically beneficial.
We are committed to implementing and operating the Project in accordance with responsible mining practices. Our ultimate goal is to build new mines that have long term sustainability, shared benefit, local support and adhere to high quality environmental standards that deliver positive outcomes.
BMC Minerals (No.1) Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of BMC (UK) LIMITED, a private UK-based resources development company.
For further information about BMC (UK) LIMITED visit www.bmcminerals.com


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