Oct 2016 – Kudz Ze Kayah Project Overview

The Kudz Ze Kayah (KZK) Project Overview is intended to provide an indicative summary of the proposed KZK mine, construction and processing plant (the Project), including the existing environmental and socioeconomic conditions, potential effects and proposed mitigative measures.

The intent of the document is to provide the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board (YESAB) Executive Committee with a “Project Overview” in summary form, yet with sufficent detail so as to provide a knowledgeable overview. BMC Minerals (No.1) Ltd (“BMC” or the “Company”) intends to submit it’s complete Project Proposal to YESAB early in the new year and this Pre-project Proposal Report has been prepared in part after consultation with YESAB and others.

BMC’s strategy for early engagement with YESAB is intended to facilitate the scoping of the Project Proposal with respect to identification of potential data gaps; the communities required for consultation, and other such aspects. Through early engagement with YESAB, BMC’s intent is to support an efficient and streamlined review and assesment of its Project Proposal. BMC is looking forward to engaging with YESAB during the review of this document to provide further information as required to support a thorough environmental assessment.