BMC Minerals assumed the obligations and opportunities of the Kudz Ze Kayah Project in January 2015. Since then our team has worked hard to complete detailed technical studies into all aspects of the mining project. In June 2019, BMC completed a Feasibility Study which demonstrated that operation of the Kudz Ze Kayah Project would on balance be environmentally, socially and economically beneficial. Indeed, to date most of our major contracts for work have been awarded to northern BC and Yukon based companies with the very first contract awarded by us going to a local Kaska construction business.

We are committed to investing in and developing Kudz Ze Kayah in a professional and responsible manner to ensure that we deliver positive legacy outcomes for all stakeholders. We believe the Kudz Ze Kayah Project can be implemented without lasting adverse effects on the local and regional environment, economies, families, communities well-being and public health.

A key component of our activities has been, and will continue to be, engagement with the local community. Our relationship with the Ross River Dena, the broader Kaska and Yukon communities will always be the backbone of our success. BMC is absolutely committed to leaving a positive legacy in communities within which we work, and we endeavour to be the employer and business partner of choice in those communities.

At BMC Minerals we believe that the benefits of a working mine need to be shared, and with ownership comes responsibility. We aim to ensure any future project brings jobs, training, contributions and local supply relationships to communities in Yukon. We are committed to a process of open and constructive engagement.

BMC’s parent company, BMC (UK) LIMITED, is based in the UK and is run by a team with a track record of mineral exploration, mine development and sustainable mine operation in Australia. If you would like to know more about the BMC parent company visit; http://bmcminerals.com

BMC (UK) LIMITED’S strategy is to invest and develop real, sustainable operating mines into production. We recognise that commodity prices are cyclical in nature and therefore our mine development plans need to be robust enough to be able to be financially viable at all stages of the cycle. We believe in the long term fundamentals of the commodities that make up the Kudz Ze Kayah suite – zinc, silver, copper, gold and lead and we consider long term, sustainable operations can be created at the project

Kudz Ze Kayah overview:

The Kudz Ze Kayah (KZK) Project Proposal, is a zinc, silver, copper, gold and lead project located in the northern Pelly Mountains, 115km south of Ross River in South Central Yukon. The KZK Project Proposal is accessible by road and air.

The KZK Project Proposal fits key elements of BMC (UK) Limited’s corporate requirements.

The flagship ABM deposit contains: